Outdoor Rules & Regulations

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Outdoor Rules & Regulations - Code of Industry Principles


Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia Code of Industry Principles


All companies accepted for membership in the OUTDOOR AD­VERTISING ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA shall be expected to adhere to the following Code of Ethics*. Offenders shall be considered for expulsion by the Board of Directors.

To ensure the image of outdoor advertising as a creative, effective, useful and responsible medium, members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia pledge to promote and practice the tenets set forth in the following Code of Ethics:

A. We are dedicated to providing quality outdoor advertising services that promote and support the free enterprise system.

B. We support reasonable regulation of outdoor advertising through zoning and ordinances based on sound community planning.

C. We are committed to the advancement of the outdoor advertising medium through education and research.

D. We oppose the practice of false or misleading advertising.

E. We actively support the role of outdoor advertising as a major medium for the dissemination of political messages, as well as public service messages promoting worthy causes.

F. We support the establishment of exclusionary zones which prohibit advertisements of all products and services illegal for sale to minors, that are either intended to be read from, or within 500 feet of, established places of worship, preschool, primary and secondary schools.

G. We support the public interest in the preservation of designated areas of natural scenic beauty.    


H.We support adherence to Department of Transportation rules for vegetation control, with sensitivity to the environment and the public trust.

I.We encourage outdoor advertisers and plant operators to reject creative content that is in poor taste, sexually explicit or overly suggestive.




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