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Membership - Benefits/Overview

Professional Representation

The OAAG serves as an advocate for the outdoor advertising industry in the state of Georgia representing industry interests before the Georgia Legislature as well as the Georgia Department of Transportation.

We work to promote and preserve the business of outdoor advertising with due consideration of the public interest and welfare; to provide programs of education, information and research in order to engender a better understanding and greater appreciation of the outdoor medium; to advance the common interests of the broad spectrum of those engaged in the business of outdoor advertising recognizing the particular diversity of business characteristics within the industry; to cooperate with local, county and state authorities in regulating outdoor advertising within the State of Georgia; and to establish and maintain liaison with other professional, governmental, business organizations and related industries.

Convention and Exposition Opportunities

The OAAG hosts an Annual Convention and Exposition each Fall including educational seminars and opportunities for supplier companies to exhibit their products and services. Every year we welcome State legislative leaders, outdoor advertising regulators from the Georgia Department of Transportation, and persons involved with Georgia outdoor advertising activities who participate in our convention and appreciate the opportunity to network with our members.

Educational/Grassroots Seminars:

Each year the OAAG hosts a Legislative Day at the Capitol In providing an opportunity for OAAG members to meet both formally and informally with legislators and government officials who play a vital role in determining the future of our industry.

Members are briefed on current issues of importance and equipped with the tools needed for successful meetings with their legislative delegation. Our members pride themselves at being well-informed on current legislative issues affecting the outdoor advertising industry.

Public Service Program

The OAAG considers the support of civic, charitable and governmental projects necessary for local communities to develop and grow.

The OAAG public service program is a statewide effort in which members provide public service space to qualifying organizations in order to communicate important messages to the motoring public. By participating in the OAAG public service program, members enjoy the benefit of always having worthwhile copy close at hand to post on available boards. In addition, the program serves as a venue for implementing press conferences and gaining positive media exposure.

Most importantly, the OAAG public service program exemplifies the desire of the outdoor advertising industry to be a good community partner.

Legal Bank

The OAAG website features a Legal Bank of previous legal cases and information from around our state.