Public Service - PSA Overview

General Overview.

The Public Service Announcement (PSA) Program allows non-profit organizations and state agencies to take advantage of unsold outdoor advertising faces FREE of charge.  These unsold and available billboards are donated to the OAAG by our outdoor members so we can pass this open space on to you. The only costs that are incurred are the minimal costs of producing the materials – saving your organization thousands of dollars.  Not only does the non-profit/state agency get to utilize the open space; but this, in turn, provides the outdoor operators with vinyl and paper to keep those open faces looking good to the driving public and keeping our industry in top condition. Positive messages in our communities go a long way and our outdoor advertising members are proud to support your organization’s cause. More and more organizations are learning how they can qualify and take part in the OAAG PSA Program daily!  Inquire with us today to see if your organization qualifies! For more information please contact Lisa Orenstein our PSA Coordinator at 478-808-0302 or email PSA Inquiry Email, or email Lisa Directly at

OAAG-PSA Policy and Guidlines