Who We Are

Poised at the heart of Atlanta’s famed Peachtree Street and made up of some of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and forward-looking business leaders in the Outdoor Advertising trade, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia (OAAG) stands committed to innovating, educating and advocating for the longterm health of our industry. By doing so, we support businesses large and small, protect the welfare of our citizens through a statewide public service program, and drive local economies throughout the state of Georgia. Our membership base includes outdoor advertising companies of all sizes from the Golden Isles to the North Georgia Mountains, as well as their advertisers, ad agencies, vendors and public service organizations. We are proud to be affiliated with the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) at the national level.

Established in 1950, OAAG strives to provide:

  • Professional Representation of the Outdoor Advertising Trade- We are honored to advocate on behalf of our members and the interests of our industry before the Georgia State Legislature and Georgia Department of Transportation.
  • Opportunities to Keep Our Members Apprised of the Latest Industry Trends and Legislative Impacts- Through our OAAG Annual a Conference, a yearly Legislative Day at the State Capitol, grassroots seminars, networking events and communications, we keep our members well-informed about industry news, innovative trends in outdoor advertising and legislation that could potentially impact our trade.
  • The Dedication to Remain at the Forefront of our Industry- Between Georgia’s ongoing title as “Best State for Doing Business” and our role as the “Hollywood of the South,” it’s vital that something as visible as outdoor advertising remains innovative, eye-catching and impactful. Our members stay ahead of the trends by innovating and creating ad campaigns that keep people talking.
  • A Valued Resource for Public Service Announcements- From missing children to weather alerts, our membership provides a forum to broadcast important messaging on static and digital boards throughout the state.
  • Education to the Public about the Viability and Value of Outdoor Advertising- Our website proves an invaluable resource to our members with statistics they can put in front of their current and prospective clients when conveying why outdoor advertising is a highly effective tool for reaching their audience and encouraging them to act.

We are exceedingly honored to be part of an industry that has stood the test of time dating back to 3000 BC when Egyptians first etched hieroglyphics on stone tablets and walls as the earliest forms of outdoor advertising.

A History To Be Proud Of



Highway Beautification Act Signed Into Law

In 1965 the Highway Beautification Act was signed into law by President Johnson. Its purpose was to limit billboards to commercial and industrial areas in order to provide control on Interstate and Federal-Aid Primary highways. It required states to set size, lighting and spacing standard and to date it still requires payment of just compensation for the removal of lawfully erected signs.

OAAG Founded

The Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia is founded in Atlanta. The association holds membership in the OAAA, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Its base membership is comprised of outdoor advertising small and large billboard companies across the state of Georgia. The OAAG extended its membership to advertisers, agencies, vendors, and public service organizations that they provide PSA advertising to. Members of the association adhere to a comprehensive code of ethics and participate in local and association public service campaigns.


OAAA celebrates its Centennial Convention

In 1991 the OAAA celebrates its Centennial Convention in Washington, DC. The OAAG, Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia with the OAAA members reaffirming the associations commitment to limit placement of messages that advertise products and services that cannot be sold to minors. In 1999, an agreement between major tobacco companies and state attorneys general prohibited tobacco advertising on OOH structures.


New Vegetation Control Bill Passed

After decades of working with the General Assembly, community leaders and environmental groups, the OAAG is successful in seeing a new vegetation control bill passed overwhelmingly in both Georgia houses. The OAAG promoted using some funds collected from permits for community grants for beautification projects.

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors for the OAAG represent a cross section of outdoor advertising companies in size and coverage. Each member has committed their time and resources to attending and participating in regular board meetings and meeting at the capitol. They have dedicated themselves to working for the good of the industry as a whole. The board works closely with our executive director and our lobbyist in monitoring the actions of the Georgia Legislature, the Georgia Department of Transpiration. In addition, the board actively promotes the outdoor advertising industry through our Public Service campaigns and other public relation efforts.

Code Of Ethics


Ensure the image of outdoor advertising as a creative, effective, useful and a responsible medium, members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia must pledge to promote and practice the tenets set forth in the following Code of Ethics:

Responsible Advertising Policies

  • We are dedicated to providing quality outdoor advertising services that promote and support the free enterprise system. This includes supporting the First Amendment right of advertisers to promote legal products and services.
  • We support the right of media companies to reject advertising that is misleading, offensive, or otherwise incompatible with individual community standards, and in particular, we reject the posting of obscene words graphic content.
  • We oppose the practice of false or misleading advertising.

Public Service and Supporting Our Communities

  • We strongly believe in providing Public Service Billboard to worthy causes and organizations on the local, city, county, state, and national level. The OAAG member companies donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple annually.
  • We are committed to the advancement of the outdoor advertising medium through education and research.
  • We actively support the role of outdoor advertising as a major medium for the dissemination of political messages, as well as public service messages promoting worthy causes.

Regulations of Billboards

  • We support reasonable regulation of outdoor advertising through zoning and ordinances based on sound community planning.
  • We support the establishment of exclusionary zones which prohibit advertisements of all products and services illegal for sale to minors, that are either intended to be read from, or within 500 feet of, established places of worship, preschool, primary and secondary schools.
  • We support adherence to Department of Transportation rules for vegetation control, with sensitivity to the environment and the public trust.
  • We encourage outdoor advertisers and plant operators to reject creative content that is in poor taste, sexually explicit or overly suggestive including adult entertainment establishments.

Digital Billboard Advertising

  • We recognize that Digital Billboard provide a highly effective a commercial and public service means of advertising that enables advertisers can update their ads frequently.
  • We work with local, state, national public and governmental digital billboards can rapidly respond to emergencies that effect the public.
  • We are committed to ensuring that the commercial and noncommercial message on digital billboards will be static messages and shall not include animated, flashing, scrolling, intermittent or full-motion video elements (outside established entertainment areas).
  • We utilize LED illumination technology to monitor and adjust lighting brightness on digital billboards as ambient lighting changes during each 24hour day. Lighting brightness shall not exceed industry standards.

Any Member violating the intent and spirit of this code should be considered for expulsion by the Board of Directors.